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Access to Safe and Reliable Water

One of the essential materials of life is water and access to it for drinking, sanitation, and hygiene is necessary for life, health, and well-being.  Chemistry has been critical in historical approaches to water disinfection and improving water quality from removal of harmful contaminants to addressing odor and taste concerns.  Chemistry will be required to realize the future methods, process, and materials that enable healthful drinking water without the unintended consequences of harmful disinfection by-products. Equally important is the imperative of sanitation to avoid the spread of disease by exposure to pathogens.  These services must be supplied in ways that are mindful of equity, safety, and dignity.  The water infrastructure and treatment needed to enable adequate potable (and non-potable) water will be dependent on chemicals and chemistry to ensure appropriate water quantity and quality for the intended use, be it drinking, sanitation, hygiene or another use.

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