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Chemistry is Equitable and Fully Inclusive

The natural laws of chemistry have no predisposition to any gender, race, creed, religion, nationality, ability, nor orientation. Yet the participation within the chemical enterprise has historically been dominated by a small demographic sliver of the population. The science and application of chemistry can only benefit by a maximum breadth of perspectives, skills, experiences, cognitive approaches, and values of a diverse community with a culture of inclusion.  No endeavor, scientific or otherwise, can be 100% effective if it excludes so much of its talent.  It would be as absurd to limit participants of a scientific field to individuals of a certain height or weight as it would be to limit them by their gender or ethnic background.

Full inclusion of all groups in the chemical enterprise should be pursued as a pathway to genuine excellence and not merely the narrow historical definitions of excellence as posited by those who have historically dominated the field.

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