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1 Appropriate Technologies for the Devel
3 Chemistry for Wellness.png
4 Design to Avoid Dependency.png
11 Access to Safe and Reliable Water.png
12 Ensure Access to Material Resources.p
19 Chemistry for Benign Food Production
20 Transparency for Chemical Communicati
37 Ensure Environmental Justice.png
38 Chemistry for Sustainable
55 Chemistry to Preserve Natural Carbon.
56 An Individual's Molecular Code.png
73 No Chemicals of War or Oppression.png
74 Molecular Codes of Nature.png

Humanitarian Elements

These elements of Sustainable Chemistry are presented to emphasize core humanitarian aims and principles.  Since chemistry has existed as a discipline, it has played a central role in meeting fundamental human needs. As we continue to press against the limits of natural systems it will remain a challenge to ensure basic needs such as food, water, security, and shelter for future generations.  Sustainable Chemistry should also strive to ensure that risks and benefits are equally shared among populations.

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